Product Testing

Over twenty years ago, during a decade of extreme weather conditions such as Hurricane Andrew and other natural disasters, Viwinco invested significant time and resources in expanding our study of the science of windows. As part of this initiative, we acquired our own certified test wall from Architectural Testing, Inc. The wall's unique wall-and-control panel design is the industry’s “Gold Standard” for accuracy in testing. We also built a 30,000-square-foot, on site state-of-the-art Research and Development Center.

We had our eyes on a goal: to create products of the future. Products that would not only meet industry-wide national standards,
but also stand up to brutal weather conditions. We added in-house laminating and tempered glass lines to our manufacturing facility, obtained our own specialized air canon, and within our test facility fired projectiles at windows until we learned exactly how not to make the glass break.

With all this knowledge, we designed and introduced the next generation of windows, including our leading impact-resistant OceanView line.

The testing facility made it possible for us to invent some of the strongest impact products to be found. It also continually enables us to improve our other product lines, so that they're as thermally efficient, structurally sound, and weather tight as possible. Outside testing requirements are demanding. Our own targeted performance levels are even more stringent.

We subject our prototypes to severe simulated weather and atmospheric events. The main advantage of doing this in house is simple: we observe potential problems firsthand, and engineer solutions as a team. We take time to precisely analyze how the parts work with the whole.

Of course, we're not the only people testing our windows and ensuring their performance and suitability. Technicians from Architectural Testing regularly visit our site to carry out required independent testing. They document specific manufacturing details about the product under consideration, conduct the necessary test or tests, and complete a thorough report. Together with a sample corner-cut and drawings of the window, this material is sent for third-party-certification to the ANSI-accredited Keystone Certification Program.

The windows are evaluated and accorded a performance-based grade in four key areas. Ever-increasing test levels must be met in the following categories: Structural, Air Infiltration, Water Infiltration, and Forced Entry. Hurricane-resistant products must also pass impact and cycling tests to achieve industry standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) for coastal applications.

Viwinco Testing Wall

Our product lines score exceptionally high in the American Architectural Manufacturers Associations (AAMA's) evaluations for design pressure (DP)--a rating that indicates a window's resistance to stress caused by wind, rain, and other natural as well as man-made elements.

Click here to view videos of Structural, Air Infiltration, Water Infiltration, and Forced Entry Tests.