Viwinco Receives Patent for Its Exclusive Tilt-n-Lock System

"Coast-to-coast" reinforcement system enables window tilting with one hand

Patented Tilt-n-Lock TechnologyMORGANTOWN, PA (May 17, 2011) -- To make window cleaning easier and provide for a more unobstructed view, Viwinco developed its Tilt-n-Lock hardware system and just recently received a U.S. patent for its innovative design.

Engineered with a “coast-to-coast” reinforcement system that goes from sash stile to sash stile, Tilt-n-Lock provides greater strength where the tilt latches engage with the meeting rail frame. Unlike traditional tilt latches that are routed into the sash and compromise the strength of the corner weld, Tilt-n-Lock brings all elements (tilt latches, reinforcement and cam lock) into a singular unit inserted into the sash through an access point in the stile. Under load, the routed area of a traditional tilt latch can open up and lead to failure. But in Tilt-n-Lock, the loads are transferred from the tilt latch to the reinforcing bar, thereby improving the structural and impact performance of the entire window system.

Tilt-n-Lock provides distributors and contractors with a unique selling opportunity. Benefits of the new tilt system include: easy operability (it’s the only system that allows tilt in with one hand and closing with just a push—no re-engaging of latches), an aesthetically pleasing profile and more effortless cleaning since tilt latches are removed allowing for one swipe cleaning.

“Tilt-n-Lock has revolutionized the vinyl window market,” says David Barnes, president of Viwinco, based in Morgantown, Pa. “When homeowners see one of our windows with Tilt-n-Lock in action, they immediately recognize and like its benefits.”

Tilt-n-Lock is a standard feature on Viwinco’s Cambridge replacement windows, OceanView impact-resistant windows and as an upgrade on its Viwinco S-Series new construction windows.

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