Mulled Units


Structural Mullions

Our powerful mullion system makes it possible to combine select windows of the same or different shapes in a pattern all your own.
Tested and rated by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association, OceanView's structural mullion attaches directly to the
rough opening, delivering great strength and stability to the finished installation—even at large sizes. We also offer the option to
create expansive window walls with our casements, casement fixed windows, and awnings.

Structural mullions provide increased integrity between horizontally and/or vertically adjacent mounted windows.
A window-wall mull is available for casements and awnings.



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Increase the structural integrity between windows and patio doors.

Structural mullions add strength between horizontally and vertically adjacent mounted windows by attaching directly to the rough opening. Mullions provide an uncomplicated design, are efficient to use and install, and allow for easy prefabrication of a window combination. Our mulled window units also come standard with a drip cap the full length of the window.

Window walls can be fully prepared in our facility or prepared for mulling in the field.

Use the same window styles or mix it up for your design needs, added ventilation or more light to fill your home.