Flat Casing and Brick Molding

Quick work. Beautiful results.

Significantly reduce window installation and finishing time with our maintenance-free, highly durable PVC trim options for S-Series, Cambridge (with nail fin) and OceanView replacement windows.

Available in an array of colors,* our 3-1/2" flat casing and 2-1/4" brick molding provide more than classic elegance. They're fully welded, factory applied, and have an extruded J-channel pocket. Both are offered with either a picture-frame or bull-nosed sill. 

It's as simple as that.


*Choose exterior trim color to match or complement the color chosen for your window and/or door unit(s): white, tan, clay, or bronze.

Vinyl Trim Casing Sill Angle Accessory Sill Angle Accessory

Flat Casing
Picture Frame

Flat Casing
Bullnose frame

Brickmold Trim Casing
Bullnose frame

If you have any questions regarding our accessories, please visit your local building material supplier
or call Viwinco customer service at 610-286-8884.