Profile Lamination Brought Inhouse to Viwinco

Since our company was founded, we have made it a priority to achieve a level of self-sufficiency by controlling the source of our many manufacturing processes by bringing them in-house. Whether it be bending our geometric profiles, tempering and laminating our own impact-resistant glass, or product testing in our very own research and development center, we pride ourselves on our ability to do it all...

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Erdman Automation at Viwinco

As a manufacturer, we are always looking for ways to improve the quality of our products and processes in our facility. Recently, we installed a high-speed, vertical insulated glass line by Erdman Automation to fabricate our impact-resistant insulated glass units. The Erdman line will allow us to work smarter – not harder – through the integration of state-of-the-art automation technology....

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Viwinco Windows - Automation

Over the last decade we have become increasingly reliant on technology. We carry smartphones in our pockets, integrate intelligent software applications with our vehicles, and are always connected to the internet -- so it is only natural that technology has made its way into the home. Today’s “smart homes” have computerized heating and cooling systems, advanced home security, virtual assistants showcasing the latest developments...

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