Glass storage located within Viwinco glass facility.

Health and safety are key factors for all industries. Maintaining safety standards promotes the wellness of all employers and their employees. With the trying times of 2020, health and safety are extremely prevalent, now more than ever. There have been several major procedural updates and exciting hires since the start of the pandemic. The future of safety at Viwinco looks bright, with several new programs...

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Viwinco windows - Hero on the PA Turnpike

It was a cool dry morning on July 12th 2018, around 2 AM, when a tragic car accident occurred on the PA Turnpike between Morgantown and Reading. Involved in the accident were three men heading westbound in a Hyundai Sonata when they lost control of the vehicle and flipped over. At approximately 2:20 AM, Viwinco Driver Dennis arrived at the scene and took a decisive...

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