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About Us

What is Viwinco

Founded in 1982, Viwinco is a family-owned and operated window and door manufacturer, based out of Morgantown, Pennsylvania. We specialize in custom-made vinyl windows, patio doors and associated products for new construction and replacement applications in both residential and commercial markets. Our president, engineers, customer service and sales staff have decades of experience, and are dedicated to meeting the needs of your next project no matter how big, or how small.

Front of Viwinco office building with new branding.

In-House Window and Door Manufacturing Process

Almost all Viwinco products are produced entirely at our manufacturing facility in Morgantown, Pennsylvania. Over the years, we’ve brought a number of processes — such as tempering, laminating, and product development — in-house, allowing us to control the source. Controlling the source has enhanced our ability to oversee the quality of every product we produce, to ensure the products you receive exceed Viwinco standards.

Viwinco Windows - Shipping

Controlling the Source

Since we control the source, we control the quality of every window and door that leaves our facility. Viwinco operates dedicated tempering and laminating departments in-house, using some of the industry’s most technologically advanced equipment. The fact that almost all Viwinco products are produced entirely in-house has enabled us to maintain lead times that are unparalleled in this industry. Your project is important to us, and we don’t feel you should wait extended periods of time to receive your windows and doors. That is why we ensure that the lead time on standard orders is 7-days or less.

Viwinco Windows - Clean room - laminated glass

Sustainability in Viwinco Production

Viwinco manufacturing serves as an example of our commitment to energy-efficient production and sustainability. While harnessing energy from the sun, our solar farm — of over 7,800 solar panels — supplies us with 40% of the annual energy we spend to fuel our manufacturing facility. Utilizing an infinitely renewable energy source, such as the sun, provides an ecologically-responsible approach for us to create our quality products, while limiting our carbon footprint.

Viwinco WIndows - Morgantown Pa - Solar Panels