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Bow & Bay Windows

Viwinco Bow
Viwinco 4-Lite Bow Unit: Casement, picture, picture, casement.

Bow & Bay windows are some of the most transformative products that you can add to your home. They project outward from the building envelope and provide full 180-degree views of the outside. These seated windows create a sense of space and openness to any room making it seem larger and more inviting.

What are Bay Windows?

Bay windows come in a variety of different degrees in which they protrude from the exterior of a house. Available in 10-30-45-degrees, bay windows provide ample depth to any room and come with a large seat board, perfect for creating a window seat! In a bay window, only the flanker units (side units) are angles and the center will be parallel to the exterior of the house. 

Diagram of Viwinco 3 lite bow casement, picture, casement window.

10 Degree Bay


Diagram of Viwinco 30 degree double-hung, picture, double-hung window.

30 Degree Bay


Diagram of Viwinco 45 degree bay casement-picture-casement window.

45 Degree Bay


What are Bow Windows?

Bow windows are similar to bay windows in the sense they protrude from the house’s exterior, however, they are always angled at 10-degrees. Bow windows generally have a more-rounded appearance than bay units. These units also come with a large seat board that could be used as a window seat or as a decorative shelf! In contrast to a bay window, all units in a bow are angled at 10-degrees, including the center units.

Diagram of Viwinco 3 lite bow casement, picture, casement window.

3-Lite Bow


Diagram of Viwinco 4 lite bow casement window.

4-Lite Bow


Diagram of Viwinco 5 lite bow picture windows.

5-Lite Bow


Bay and Bow Window Features

Bay and Bow windows are available on our Cambridge, S-Series and OceanView Impact Resistant Product lines. The styles that can be used in our bays and bows are picture, double-hung, single-hung, casement and casement picture windows. Certain characteristics may vary based on the brand. Please refer to our brand pages for product style specifics.

  • 15/16″ High performance insulated glass unit with argon gas fill and thermally efficient spacer
  • The chain suspension system attaches directly to the frame of the house for a structurally sound installation
  • Tie rods uniting headboard  and seat board to provide stability
  • The headboard and seat board are manufactured using insulated marine-grade plywood with a birch veneer. they are paintable and stainable to match your decor (Oak veneer headboard and seat board are available as an upgrade)
  • Available in all of our color offerings
  • Fully fusion-welded vinyl frame and sash for enhanced strength, durability, and low maintenance

Get Inspired by Our Bay and Bow Windows!

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