Picture and Transom Windows

Viwinco picture mulled unit
Quad transom over quad picture mulled unit.

While acting as a frame for your outside views, picture windows allow natural light to pour into a room. These fixed windows are one of the most practical windows you could choose as they provide the highest energy efficiency to homeowners. Commonly used as a standalone window or paired with different styles—or additional picture windows— these windows allow for homeowners to achieve a distinctive look and add atmosphere to any room. With a sleek modern profile, these windows can accommodate large glass units that allow you to focus on the views that matter most to you!

Transom Windows

A transom is a structural term that refers to a horizontal beam above a window or door that separates it from a window above it. Transom windows are picture units that are placed in the space above the transom. These are often used to provide privacy while allowing natural light to flood into the room. 

Picture Window Combination Possibilities

Drawing of a Viwinco half round window over two double-hung and one picture windows.

Half-Round over Double-Hung/Picture/Double-Hung

Arrangement of picture and transom Viwinco windows drawing.


Drawing of Viwinco arrangement of double-hung and picture windows.


Drawing of Viwinco arrangement of casement and picture windows.


Drawing of Viwinco transom over triple awning window.

Transom over
Triple Awning

Transom window over twin double-hung Viwinco windows drawing.

over Double-Hung/

Picture Window Features

Picture windows are available across all Viwinco product lines and some characteristics may differ. Refer to brand pages for style specifics.

  • 15/16″ Double-strength insulated glass unit with an argon gas fill and thermally efficient spacer
  • Extruded glazing bead is mitered in the corners for a hand-crafted look
  • Fully fusion-welded frame for enhanced strength, durability, and low-maintenance
  • 1-1/4″ Integral, pre-punched nailing fin contributing to a trouble-free installation