Single-Hung Windows

Viwinco S-Series single-hung and a twin single-hung unit.
Viwinco S-Series single-hung and a twin single-hung unit.

Similar in look to our double-hung windows, our single-hungs differ by having a fixed top sash and an operable bottom sash. Not only are they economical, they are also easily serviceable and allow for simple installation.

Our S-Series, Cambridge and OceanView single-hung windows come standard with Viwinco patented Tilt-n-Lock technology for single-handed operation and the cleanest sight lines in the industry. The Tilt-n-Lock does away with traditional tilt latches in favor of an easy to use one-handed system. The Tilt-n-Lock provides unobstructed views by housing the tilt latches and reinforcement inside the meeting rail. At the 0-degree position the sash is securely locked and the tilt latches are housed in the jambs for added security. At the 150-degree position, the hidden tilt latches are engaged but the sashes are unlocked allowing the sashes to be lifted. At the 180-degree position, the hidden tilt latches are disengaged from the jambs allowing the windows to be tilted inward for easy maintenance. Though the top sash is fixed, it can be removed from the frame using two brackets if needed to aid in installation.


Viwinco oriel-style window drawing.


Reverse oriel Viwinco window drawing.

Reverse Oriel

Single-Hung Features

Single-Hung windows are available in the Cambridge, S-Series, and OceanView product lines. Certain characteristics may vary based on brand. Please refer to our brand pages for product style specifics.

  • High-performance glass package
  • Constant force balance system for effortless operation
  • Fully fusion-welded frame and sash for structural integrity
  • Chambered profiles for thermal efficiency and structural strength
  • Sash interlock for added security, thermal efficiency, and energy conservation
  • Five-degree true sloped sill to direct water and debris from the house
  • 1-3/8″ weatherstripped sill dam to prevent drafts and water infiltration
  • Dual nite vents to restrict sash travel
  • Simple new construction installation: Integral J-channel saves time on exterior finishing; snap-in accessory expands j-channel to 1-1/4″ to receive a greater range of cladding thickness. Pre-punched, integral 1-1/4″ nailing fin also contributes to a trouble-free installation
  • Traditional craftsman look with beveled exterior