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Custom-made windows and doors to meet the needs of any project no matter how big or how small. Whether you are designing a new construction build or replacing your current windows and doors, Viwinco has you covered.


  • High quality replacement products available at a value price point
  • Limited product line offering
  • Cam-style lock and low-profile tilt latches
  • Comes in White or Tan
Cambridge Replacement
  • The best custom, vinyl replacement windows on the market
  • Full product line offering
  • Patented Tilt-n-Lock standard
  • Available in all colors
  • Lifetime glass breakage warranty
S-SeriesNew Construction
  • High-end new construction product line, ideal for the custom built home
  • Full product line offering
  • Patented Tilt-n-Lock standard
  • Available in all colors
  • Customizable features such as extension jambs or trim casing
OceanView IMPACT
  • Premier impact-resistant line for replacement and new construction applications
  • Full product line offering
  • Patented Tilt-n-Lock standard
  • Available in all colors
  • Enhanced security and sound reduction for any application

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See what people are saying.

My viwinco doors were installed about 2 years ago. One of the screen doors kept popping off the rails. No one local could help to fix it. I contacted Viwinco. They put me in touch with a rep in my area. He fixed the problem in about 10 mins! I am happy!
*Important note to any homeowners looking to buy* Go to the website and use the "Where To Buy" tool to locate a supply house close to you that can order them and if you have any issues with an existing product use the supply houses as a first contact as it's much easier to diagnose the issue in person (especially if you can bring pictures or broken parts in with you) than over the phone.I grew up around this company since Dave Barnes worked with my dad before starting Viwinco and have toured the facilities many times since. I've also worked in building material sales and construction my entire adult life, have sold countless Viwinco jobs and installed them in a handful of homes including my own.I've sold, installed and handled many different types of windows (Simonton, Paradigm, Wincore, and Andersen among others) and can from both personal and professional experience there's not a better company both in terms of quality and customer care.The product itself is excellent and comes out beautifully. Any time there are defects or discrepancies they're very easy to deal with in getting a quick turnaround. As I said, I have S-Series installed in my house (which replaced 20 year old Viwinco/CT windows that still kept the house comfortable for at least 5 years after I bought the place) that are still insulating and not frosting up yet over 5 years after installation.Window installations are simple to me since I have training and hands-on experience but I would always recommend that anyone who hasn't installed them before should always have a contractor measure and install them. I can't tell you how many people have measured and ordered their own windows, had them not fit and then been upset because they can't be returned.
The southern sales and service team are amazing. Our contractor had installed our doors wrong and the service team was able to come out quickly and get everything moving properly. They were very nice and professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
I enclosed my back porch to a year-round room three years ago. One of my casement slider windows was cracked on arrival during shipping. My builder abandoned me, but Viwinco honored the warranty and sent me a replacement window even after three years. (Would have been sooner had I been on the ball). Very pleased with the work of Michael Hobbs and Dean Ratliff for their patience and persistence in helping me out. Thank you gentlemen!
Recently had Viwinco windows installed in my home. One window had a bow in it. Colin Baker, the service rep came to my home within a reasonable time frame and was able to fix the window very quickly. He was prompt, personable, and knowledgeable. So far, I am happy with the product and my experience with the company.
Today an employee of Viwinco Windows sent Corey Baker to the home I lease to repair the windows. My landlord had these Impact windows installed before I moved in and they are great, you can't hear anything outside. As time has passed, they seem to not lock anymore and stay up when you opened them. After months of trying to get a hold of the original contractor who installed them, he stopped returning our calls/messages.My landlord had to bypass the contractor and reached out to the manufacturer instead. The next day Viwinco sent someone out. It did not take long to repair, he replaced the balancers, and adjusted all the locks. Viola, the windows are working perfectly. Very professional, super-fast, and really a nice guy. I would highly recommend this company for the High-quality windows and customer service repair department.
My husband and I just built our retirement home and the builder used Viwinco windows. Thorough our years we've lived in several homes and had many different high-end windows, but Viwinco windows are by far the best windows we've ever had! Viwinco windows are quality built, sturdy and strong, and hold up well to the extremely high winds we get on the mountain. In addition to double-hung and a triple sliding patio door, Viwinco made a custom window for our home. These windows are also super easy to clean. We did have one minor issue, which was handled promptly by customer service.
We built our new home 6 years ago & a couple of years later we had issues with a couple of our Viwinco windows. We contacted our builder who reached out to his sales representative & was told there was nothing they could do. I went directly to Viwinco & scheduled an appointment with "Ian McKenzie" who responded quickly to my concerns & even made some same day repairs. His knowledge, expertise & kindness were well above our expectations! We're very grateful that everything was covered under warranty!
I have had Viwinco Ocean View Impact windows and patio doors installed in my Florida home. I am very happy with them. I especially appreciate the customer service provided by Colin Baker. He has been great in personal service at my residence - inspecting - adjusting - installation of components - to make sure everything is to Viwinco standards. Thanks so much Colin.
I have a house full of hurricane impact windows with a lifetime warranty. We live on the coast of NC and been through several hurricanes in the past several years with minor issues. I've dealt with the Viwinco customer service rep. in my area, Brad Hogan, who always answered the phone, is completely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. All issues that I had were resolved in a timely fashion thanks to Brad Hogan who is an asset to Viwinco windows company.Thank you Brad HoganSteven Tylee
I love these windows I used to buy them when you made the CertainTeed brand and I just purchased 2 the other day for a project at my house but the only thing I don't like is the new logo, you should have kept it the old way..🤷‍♂️😊
We installed new construction double hung windows made by viwinco in 2014-2015 and these are the nicest vinyl windows I have seen to date. They look as good today as they did the day they were installed including our 11 foot wide, 3 panel bay window. Undoubtedly will be installing these windows when we remodel our new home this coming year. Great quality.

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