Care & Maintenance - Viwinco Windows

Care & Maintenance

One of the main benefits of vinyl windows is the minimal level of maintenance required by homeowners. Whereas wooden windows are susceptible to wood rot and aluminum windows experience corrosion, vinyl is naturally resistant to the elements and has been proven to perform well for extended periods with little maintenance from the homeowner. That being said, there are a number of things you can do to your windows to keep them operating and performing at their best.

Vinyl Window Care

Over time, your windows will become dirty, due to dirt, debris and pollen. You can clean the vinyl by wiping it down using a mild dish detergent and warm water solution, using a soft non-abrasive cloth. Using more water will reduce the likelihood of residue being left on the vinyl after being cleaned.

The tracks and sills of your windows will also accumulate dirt and debris. To clean them you can use a soft brush to scrub and loosen up the dirt and then a vacuum to remove any debris.

Person conducting spring cleaning on Viwinco window.
Person conducting spring cleaning on Viwinco window.

One additional area to pay attention to is your window/ door weep holes. these holes are designed to allow water to drain from the unit to the outside. these holes can become blocked over time and should be checked and cleaned periodically, to ensure water is properly flowing from the unit.

Window Glass Care

The Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) is arguably the most important part of the window as it is the transparent section that allows visible light into the home. Over time, your glass will become dirty and will require some cleaning to maintain your ideal view.

To clean the glass panes, we recommend spraying them with a glass cleaning solution such as Windex® and wiping it down with a soft cloth to eliminate streaks.

Person conducting spring cleaning on Viwinco window.
Person conducting spring cleaning on Viwinco window.

Viwinco windows allow for easy cleaning on our single- and double-hung windows through the use of our “Tilt-n- Lock” feature. The Tilt-n-Lock enables one-handed operation and inward sash tilting which allows you to safely clean the exterior of your window from the interior of your home.

If you notice that your IGU appears cloudy in between the window panes, this may be an indication of a seal failure in which we recommend contacting your distributor so they can further investigate the claim.

Window Screen Care

Although they play an important part in protecting your home from the outside elements, screens are often neglected when it comes to cleaning your windows. Whether you take your screen out for Winter or leave it in year round, it is likely that it has accumulated dust/ pollen build-up.

To best clean your screens, use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe both sides of the screen from left to right, top to bottom. Be careful to not apply too much pressure when cleaning the screens so that you do not create a tear.

If your screen does have a tear in it, make sure to notify the distributor you purchased it from so they can help get it replaced and prevent insects and allergens from entering your home.

Person conducting spring cleaning on Viwinco window screen.

Things to Avoid in Regard to Window Maintenance

While vinyl windows are relatively easy to maintain, there are somethings that you should be aware of in regard to window maintenance which can cause more harm than good.

Avoid using acids, strong solvents and abrasive pads when cleaning the vinyl. Acids and solvents can be corrosive to the vinyl and abrasive pads can scratch the vinyl. These damages can be even more noticeable if your window has exterior laminates as it will expose the white vinyl underneath.

It is a common misconception that WD-40 could be used on windows that are not operating properly. While WD-40 may provide initial operation improvements, it is a petroleum-based lubricant and when it dries up, it will leave a sticky residue and can cause even worse issues. If your windows are experiencing operational issues and you notice they are harder to open or close, you can apply a silicone spray in the balance channel to help the unit slide easier.

Person conducting spring cleaning on Viwinco window.

Do not apply window tints, stains or paint to your windows. Each of these can adversely impact the way your window performs and will immediately void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Do not use a hose or a power washer to clean your windows. Windows are tested for structural, wind and water resistance and certified to varying design pressure ratings, however, water sprayed from a hose or power washer can exceed these design pressure values and can result in damage to your windows or home.

How to Store Your Windows

Viwinco windows in storage.


Installed windows perform well in all weather conditions, but before installing your windows make sure to avoid storing your vinyl windows in direct sunlight. Heat can build up inside the shrink wrap and can actually get so hot that it can warp and distort the vinyl.  We advise placing the windows under shade or a covering if you are storing for long periods of time, or cut the shrink-wrap to allow the heat to escape if storing for a day or two. This damage is not covered by the Viwinco warranty. Please review this with all of your employees who handle Viwinco windows and review with your customers as well.


Do not stack vinyl windows and when shipping, avoid strapping or overtightening that can damage and warp the product. Look for packaging that provides a place for straps and protects the window.