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Blink Blinds

Viwinco 2-Lite patio door with blink blinds

Blinds have always been a popular way to add privacy or block out sunlight on patio doors. Though they are effective, they are easily damaged, and difficult to keep clean. On Viwinco patio doors we offer Blink blinds between the glass as a better alternative to traditional blinds.

Blink Blinds Between the Glass

As traditional blinds are hung in front of the patio door, Blink blinds between the glass are built inside the insulated glass unit. Controlled by a magnet on the side of the patio door sash, Blink blinds are easily controllable and do not require maintenance. These blinds can be opened, closed, or tilted to allow natural light into the home while maintaining some privacy. Not only are they functional, but they are safe as well. Since they do away with long pull cords, they are a popular product for parents especially with younger children.

viwinco - blink blinds patio door diagram

Benefits of Blink Blinds

  • Maintenance free: Blinds inside glass protected from damage, moisture and dirt
  • Child and pet friendly
  • Magnetic operation for easy accessibility and to prevent misalignment
  • Energy efficient
  • symmetric privacy channels on both sides for even sight lines
  • Raise, lower and tilt operation

Size Availability

viwinco - blink blinds patio door size availability