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Patio Door Hardware

Expansive views and functionality go hand-in-hand with patio doors. They are designed to promote an indoor-outdoor lifestyle and flood the room with natural light. When designing our products we look for ways to enhance their quality of life, to improve upon their functionality and overall aesthetic. This is why we offer premium hardware on our patio doors, resulting in some of the best doors on the market.

Stainless Steel Rollers

A patio door is only as good as its rollers. That is why on our patio doors, we use robust stainless steel rollers, to ensure smooth operation for the life of your door. Our rollers are easily adjustable and make installation quick and effortless. Once engaged in the track, they ensure the patio doors stay in place, limiting the need for adjustments. 


Element Patio Door Handle

When it comes to patio doors, one of the most important components are the door’s handle. Ideally, a patio door handle needs to be comfortable and enhance the overall look of the door. Our new Element patio door handle is all that and more. The Element has a sleek modern design that contours to the users grip and allows a smooth and natural operation. It can also be color-matched to all of our solid extrusions and exterior laminates and is available in a brushed nickel finish as well. 

white_patio door handle


tan_patio door handle


brushed nickel_patio door handle

Brushed Nickel

clay_patio door handle


midnight black_patio door handle

Midnight Black

Bronze-Hardware-PD Handle


Foot Bolt Security Lock

The foot bolt can be used to add extra security on your patio door. They are fixed to the bottom of your operable panel, and with the tap of your foot, you can secure your door in a closed or ventilating position. 

  • Easy to use, one push with your foot
  • No need to bend over to lock
  • Additional security
  • Easy install
  • Available on doors of all sizes
Viwinco Patio Door Footbolt lock - unlocked


Viwinco Patio Door Footbolt lock - locked