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Impact Resistant Windows

Viwinco impact OceanView Windows - blue exterior coastal home

After witnessing the mass devastation brought forth by super-storms such as Hurricane Andrew, Viwinco set out to engineer a product that could weather the storm. After extensive product development, testing, and engineering, the OceanView product line was introduced. Built with some of the industry’s highest-grade components and reinforcements, the OceanView products are designed to protect your home and belongings from extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes. Tested against the industry standards using Missile Level D impact-resistance tests, these windows have been proven to withstand forceful impacts of windborne debris and remain intact while preserving the building envelope.

While some of the impact-resistant products on the market are bulky, unappealing and lack customization, you don’t need to sacrifice the look of your home for security with OceanView products. Our OceanView products closely match the look of our S-Series and Cambridge product lines and are among some of the most customizable on the market. Sleek, structurally sound and safe, OceanView products are available for both new construction and replacement applications and can be customized to your exact specifications. 

  • New construction or replacement applications
  • 15/16″ Double-strength glass package
  • Tempered, Low-E glass lite
  • laminated glass lite
  • Enhanced sound reduction
  • Viwinco patented Tilt-n-Lock on hung windows
  • All colors available
  • Grids and SDL’s available
  • Similar look to S-Series and Cambridge lines
  • Trim casing and jamb extensions available
  • Integral J-channel
  • Pocket filler available
  • Florida flange available

Impact-Resistant Glass

The strength and security behind our impact-resistant windows begin with our impressive impact-resistant glass package. In the event that non-impact windows are breached in a severe weather event such as a hurricane, the wind pressure buildup within the building envelope could either lift the roof, or compromise the structural integrity. To reduce the likelihood of this happening, our thermally efficient standard glass package is bolstered by the inclusion of a thin polyvinyl butyral interlayer. The PVB interlayer is a plastic like sheet that provides the resilience needed to keep the unit intact if struck by windborne debris. While the glass may crack, it is designed to remain intact to reduce wind pressure buildup.

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