Warranty Claim Submission Process​

You must go through the distributor location where you purchased your windows to submit a warranty claim. In most cases, homeowners are not part of the buying process and are unsure of where the windows were purchased from. This can cause some confusion. Follow the steps below to help clarify the process and get your warranty claim processed. 


The first step in submitting a service is to locate the warranty label. The warranty label is one of the most important labels on our windows and doors. It is the product’s license plate and contains valuable information such as order number, manufacturing date, product line, product style, measurements, and the distributor code, which identifies where the window was purchased from 


Depending on your window style, your warranty label can be in various locations. The diagram below shows you the location where your warranty label is located.  


Once you locate your warranty label, you will need to identify the distributor code, number 2, on the warranty label diagram above. Once you have found the distributor code, you will need to use that code to identify the distributor’s name and location. You can do so by visiting our Distributor List which contains all Viwinco Distributors. Scroll down until you see your distributor code, the store to the right of your code is where the windows were purchased from. 


When you identify the location where your windows were purchased, you can visit or call them, and they will submit the warranty claim. For them to process the claim, they will need the following information; this is all located on your warranty label. 

  • Order Number – Number 1 on the diagram
  • Product Line & Style – Numbers 3 and 4 on the diagram
  • Delivery Date – Number 9 on the diagram

Your Distributor will then process the warranty claim. If a service needs to be scheduled, you will be contacted by our Service Manager. 


If your Distributor is listed as CLOSED, there should be an alternate location to contact that will handle the warranty claims. If nothing is listed as an alternative, please get in touch with our customer service department.  


If you cannot locate a warranty label or cannot get to one of the windows, any of the windows from the same order will have the same order number. We would need each order number if you had multiple orders. 


Please contact our customer service department if your warranty label is missing or your Distributor is not listed on the Distributor List.