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foggy window

Window Condensation and How to Fix It

Condensation is a popular topic in the window and door industry. This is even more so now than ever, with the thermally efficient products being offered today compared to windows past. Although...

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Guide to Buying Windows

There are several reasons why you might be looking to purchase new windows for your home. Maybe it is a new construction project, perhaps you are updating old or poor-performing windows, or...

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Viiwnco Impact windows in foreground, cloudy beach scene in background.

Impact Windows: Protection Against Hurricanes

Hurricanes are among the most devastating weather events. Capable of over 180 mph wind speeds and producing severe flooding, hurricanes wreak havoc in the coastal areas of the Atlantic throughout hurricane season...

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Viwinco Black Windows

Options For Colored Finishes On Windows

With windows and doors being one of the most eye-catching aspects of your home, their color and style can drastically change your house’s overall aesthetic. Nowadays, there are several ways to achieve...

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Warm Weather and Windows

Warm Weather and Window Performance

The fenestration industry has come a long way in terms of advancements in thermally efficient products. Traditionally, window frames were comprised of wood and contained a single pane of clear glass, which...

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Viwinco windows - how to clean your windows

Spring Cleaning: Window Care and Maintenance Tips

After a seemingly never-ending Winter of record-high precipitation, and bone-chilling temperatures throughout the Midwest and the Northeast, Spring has finally arrived. Officially beginning March 20th, Spring indicates the beginning of warmer weather,...

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