Common Terms and Styles - Viwinco Windows

Common Terms and Styles

Common Terms


NAIL FIN: Common to most new construction windows. Used to fasten through to attach the window to the rough framing.


FRAME: The fixed frame of a window that holds the sashes or fixed glass.


HEAD: The horizontal top member of a window frame.


JAMBS: The vertical side members of a window frame.


SILL: The horizontal lower member of a window frame.


SASH: The moveable framework in which glass is set and which operates in the overall frame of the window.


STILES: The vertical members in a window sash.


RAILS: The horizontal members of a window sash.

Window Styles

terms and styles - 2017

Equal Lite SH/DH: One or more vertically operating sashes. On a single-hung, the bottom sash operates. On a double-hung, both the bottom and top sash operate

Oriel SH/DH: One or more vertically operating sashes, 60/40 split. Bottom sash smaller than top sash

Reverse Oriel SH/DH: Two vertically operating sashes, 40/60 split. Top sash is smaller than the bottom sash

Picture: Fixed, inoperable unit 

Casement: Hinged at the jamb, the sash swings outward when the handle is turned

Awning: Sash is hinged at the head and swings outward when the handle is turned.

Hopper: Sash is hinged at the sill and swings outward handle is turned.

2-Lite Slider: Both sashes slide open horizontally

Casement Picture: An inoperable casement window

  • Casement and Casement Picture Windows may be mulled or joined together in a mainframe window wall.
  • See bottom row for possible configurations

Colonial Casement: A casement window design to emulate the look of a hung window when closed

Transom: A fixed window that often is mulled or placed separately above a different style

Patio Door Styles

PD styles/terms

Patio Doors may be handed on the left or the right, depending on preference. 2-lite, 3-lite, and 4-lite patio doors are available.

  • Note: 4-lite patio doors not available in OceanView 

Patio Door transoms, ellipticals, half-circles, and other geometric shapes may be mulled to your patio doors or placed above.

Patio Door sidelites are inoperable units that may be placed aside your patio door for a wider viewing area.