Tilt-n-Lock Gear - Viwinco Windows

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Tilt-n-Lock Gear

Brand: Cambridge, S-Series, OceanView

Styles: Double-Hung, Single-Hung

Location: Top rail of bottom sash, under Tilt-n-Lock

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The Tilt-n-Lock Gear is part of our patented Tilt-n-Lock mechanism which replaces traditional tilt latches and allows the operator to tilt in their windows simply by unlocking them fully. The Viwinco Tilt-n-Lock is standard on the Cambridge replacement, S-Series new construction and OceanView impact-resistant hung windows. The gear sits under the lock, inside the Tilt-n-Lock tray, and is connected to the tilt latches in the sash’ top rail. When the handle on the lock is turned, the Tilt-n-Lock Gear is rotated, changing the engagement of the tilt latches in the frame’s jambs.