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Tilt Latches for Top Sash

Brand: Edgemont, Cambridge, S-Series, OceanView

Styles: Double-Hung

Location: Top Sash

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Tilt latches are installed in the top rail of the upper sash on our Cambridge, S-Series, and OceanView double-hung windows. On Edgemont double-hungs, these tilt latches are used on both the top and bottom sashes. The tilt latches engage with the frame’s jambs to allow the sash to easily slide up or down. When an operator opens the tilt latches, the sash is disengaged from the jambs and can be tilted inward. On the lower sash of our Cambridge, S-Series and OceanView double-hungs, the tilt latches are replaced with our patented Tilt-n-Lock, which provides a clean meeting rail and allows single-handed operation.