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The Viwinco Warranty

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One of the benefits of choosing Viwinco is our industry leading warranty program. We want to support our products long after they are installed in your home. Because of this, we have developed a comprehensive limited lifetime warranty program that covers each of our products for various things.

Vinyl, IGU seal failures and hardware are warranted for the lifetime of the product. For our Cambridge products, glass breakage, regardless of reason, is also warranted for the lifetime of the product. Exterior laminate colors are protected by warranty for over 20-years. Blinds between the glass patio doors are covered for 10-years. IGU stress cracks are warranted for 2-years. Screens are both covered for 1-year after the manufacturing date. The Viwinco warranty is also transferrable to a second homeowner. If you happen to sell your home the warranty becomes 20-years after the date of manufacture. Our warranty is also applicable for commercial installations as well, with adjusted time frames. For commercial applications, vinyl, IGU, hardware and exterior laminates are all protected for 20-years.

One of the main benefits of our warranty that sets us apart from the competition is our 1-year full coverage labor warranty on windows. The 1-year labor warranty states that Viwinco will repair or replace (including the cost of removal of the defective product and /or installation of the replacement product) at the company’s sole option, but at no cost to the original purchaser, any Viwinco Inc. vinyl window proven to be defective within 1-year of the date of installation.

Additionally, in instances where there is a glass failure on: hung-windows, sliders, casements/ awnings and patio door (active panels) we will offer full sash replacement parts for up to 20-years following the manufacturing date. After 20-years we will provide IGU replacement parts only. For both stationary patio door panels and picture or geometric windows, we will always provide replacement IGUs.

For more information on the Viwinco warranty and a full list of coverage, in addition to easy to understand graphics, visit our warranty page.

If you need to process a warranty claim visit our warranty page.