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Understanding Windows

So, you have decided to buy new windows. That is great news, but now what? The next step would be choosing which windows to buy, and in order to do that, you need to identify whether your project will be New Construction or Replacement.

Midnight black trim Viwinco windows installed in mid-construction homes.

New Construction Vs. Replacement

New construction products are typically installed in homes that are in the process of being built. Once the framing for the window is installed and the house has been wrapped up, the new construction windows can be installed prior to the exterior finish being applied. Viwinco new construction windows are designed with a nailing flange (nailing fin) around the frame of the window. The window is seated in the house’s rough opening and nails are inserted through the installation holes of the nailing flange (nailing fin). After proper sealing and insulation is applied, the installation is finished and the exterior wall finish can be applied to the house to cover the nailing flange leaving a finished look.

Although new construction windows are generally installed in homes that are in the process of being built, they can also be used in replacement applications where the exterior finish of the house is being removed and/or replaced. Our new construction windows are a good fit for these applications as well, because they are custom-sized and the nailing fin allows contractors to easily get a strong water-tight seal, as it is applied over the rough opening.

Viwinco New Construction Lines include: S-Series New Construction and OceanView Impact-Resistant New Construction.

Replacement windows — as the name implies — are used to replace existing windows in a completed home. Viwinco replacement windows are similar to our new construction products, however, they do not have a nailing fin. Therefore, they are seated in the window opening and installation screws are installed through the frame of the window, without needing to remove exterior finishing.

Viwinco Replacement Lines Include: Cambridge Replacement, Edgemont Replacement and OceanView Impact-Resistant Replacement.

Wood Vs. Aluminum Vs. Vinyl

After identifying your installation application (New Construction/ Replacement) you need to choose what material you would like your window and door products to be made from. The three most popular options are Wood, Aluminum, and Vinyl.

Wooden Windows

Open single-hung Viwinco window.

Wooden windows have been around the longest of the three and remain an option for windows even to this day, although, they are losing their popularity. While they are durable, paintable and provide a craftsman look, they require the most maintenance of the three. Wooden windows are susceptible to “wood rot” which can lead to drafts and seal failures. In addition to the required maintenance, they are also more expensive than vinyl windows and significantly increase the cost of your window package. Some wooden windows are marketed as wooden-clad windows, where the wooden windows are wrapped in a vinyl coating. Over time, moisture can get underneath the vinyl covering causing warping of the wood, or wood rot.

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows in Viwinco office.

Aluminum windows are the least common of the three. While able to achieve a modern look and having a strong frame capable of supporting large glass units, the cons usually outweigh the pros. Due to the way aluminum conducts heat and cold, it has a much lower thermal efficiency than both wood and vinyl. As a result of its conductivity, aluminum windows are also more prone to experiencing condensation. Another point worth mentioning is that while aluminum is durable, it will corrode over time. Salty air and water will expedite the speed in which the windows corrode, making them even less popular in coastal applications. Aluminum windows are more commonly found in large commercial projects than they are in residential homes.

Vinyl Windows

Viwinco single-hung windows installed in home.

Out of the three options, vinyl windows are the most popular. One of the most prominent benefits of vinyl windows is the lack of maintenance required for a homeowner. Whereas wooden windows are susceptible to wood rot and aluminum windows are vulnerable to corrosion, vinyl windows are naturally resistant to the elements and require little to no mediation on the homeowner’s part.

Vinyl windows are also thermally efficient. They provide some of the best insulation values compared to other alternatives on the market. Our chambered vinyl profiles adhere to the windows exceptional thermal performance while adding structural strength. When paired with our dual-paned glass package, Low-E glass lite, argon gas fill and an energy efficient spacer, our vinyl windows are truly the next generation of thermally efficient windows.

With our vinyl windows, energy efficiency and durability are synonymous. Our vinyl is designed using SunShield® technology — a premium high-performance vinyl compound — that contributes to industry-leading weather resistance, impact-resistance and color retention. Coupled with top-of-the-line hardware components and additional reinforcement, our vinyl windows are designed to withstand the test of time.

Vinyl windows are also much more cost effective than wood and aluminum windows. While coming in at a more reasonable price, vinyl windows also often yield a better return on investment (ROI) should you plan to sell your home further down the line.

Different Window Styles to Choose From

Windows come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Choosing the right style can drastically change the look, feel and functionality of your home. Whether you are looking to add functionality, complement your home’s architecture or capture your outside view, there is a window style designed to meet your project’s needs.



Hung windows are one of the more common styles of windows. They open vertically and come in a number of variants including: Single-Hung, Double-Hung, Oriel, and Reverse Oriel. In a single-hung window, the top sash is fixed and the bottom sash is operable. With double-hungs, both the top and bottom sash are operable.

Oriel and reverse oriel windows are similar in function to the double hung, however, in an oriel the top sash is larger than the bottom sash (60/40 split). Reverse oriels are the opposite, where the top sash is smaller than the bottom sash (40/ 60 split).

Casements/ Awnings

Viwinco Casement Combination Options

Casements and awnings are also popular operable window options. Casements are hinged at the sides and depending on the handing, they open outwards to the left or right. Awnings, operate similarly, except they are hinged at the top and open outward and upward. In comparison to hung windows, casements are more air-tight and provide more expansive views. Due to their complexity however, casement windows are among some of the most expensive styles on the market.


Viwinco Hopper

Hopper windows function similarly to awning windows except they are hinged at the bottom and have a latch at the top. They open inward and downward and are typically used in basements. They are good for letting light and ventilation in, while limiting dirt and debris from entering the home.

Slider Windows

Viwinco Sliding window Options

Slider windows are the perfect option for openings that are wider than they are tall. As the name implies, they open by sliding horizontally along the sash track. Slider windows provide maximum ventilation and do not take up space by opening inward or outward. These windows come in 2-lite and 3-lite variants with different configurations available.

Picture/ Transoms


Picture and transom windows are fixed windows that sacrifice operation for larger viewing space, more natural lighting and the highest energy efficiency across all window styles. A transom is a structural term that actually refers to the horizontal beam above a window or door, that separates it from a window above. Transom windows are essentially picture windows that are used in the space above the transom. These are often used to provide privacy while allowing natural light to flow into the room.


Viwinco Geometric Shape Options

Geometric windows are essentially picture windows that come in different shapes. The Viwinco geometric department has the capability to create almost any shape you can think of. From gothic windows and octagons, to triangles and circles, there is a wide variety of customization.

Bay & Bow Windows

Viwinco Bay and Bow Options

Bay and Bow windows are a great way to transform the look of your house and add character to any room. Bay and Bow windows are similar, in that they both project outward from the building envelope, and provide 180-degree viewing angles. These windows come with a seatboard that is great for creating a window seat or a decorative shelf. The difference between the two comes in the angles in which the windows are pitched at. In a Bay window, the center window is parallel to the exterior wall of the house, and the flanker (side) windows are angled either 10, 30, or 45 degrees outward. In a Bow window, all of the windows are angled at 10-degrees.

Bays and Bows can be designed with hung-windows, pictures, or casements to create a truly unique look and a variety of functionality.

Patio Doors


Patio doors change the landscape of your home by altering the flow of foot traffic and allowing vast amounts of natural light to flow into a room. Viwinco patio doors are available in both impact-resistant and non-impact variants and 2-3- and 4-lite configurations.

Multitrack Patio Doors

Multitrack patio doors can completely reimagine the natural flow of your house. Being available in a wide array of configurations and sizes, these doors can seamlessly blend indoor-outdoor living in your home. Viwinco’s 650 Multitrack Patio Door comes in 2,3, and 4 track variants, and incorporates glass doors up to 8-feet tall. These doors are exclusive to the southern market and are available in impact-resistant and non-impact variants.

Key Selling Features of Viwinco Windows

When it comes to purchasing windows and doors, there are countless manufacturers, big and small, across the United States to choose from. Because of this, deciding on a manufacture to go with on your project can be difficult, and the end result is one that you will live with for many years to come. Here are just a few ways in which Viwinco stands out and why we feel you should consider us for your next project.

Energy Efficiency

Viwinco products and energy efficiency go hand-in-hand. Energy efficiency at Viwinco begins long before our products are installed in your home, it begins at our manufacturing facility. Over 40% of our annual energy consumption in our manufacturing facility is powered by over 7,800 solar panels in our own solar panel grid. This provides an infinitely renewable and clean energy source, reducing our carbon footprint while creating energy efficient products.

One of the key benefits of vinyl windows and doors are their inert energy efficiency properties. Our vinyl is produced in Ohio and is designed with Sunshield® technology — a premium, high-performance vinyl compound which contributes to industry-leading weather resistance, impact-resistance, color retention.

In addition to premium-grade vinyl, our products are also designed with enhanced glass packages, that are comprised of a low-emissivity glass lite (Low-E glass) a thermally efficient spacer system, a clear glass lite, and an argon gas fill.

Low-E Glass

Low-E glass contains a microscopically thin metallic coating that acts as a filter for different solar energies emitted from the sun. While allowing natural visible light in, it reduces infrared energy (heat) and harmful ultraviolet energy (UV) from entering the home.

Spacer System

The insulated glass unit (IGU) spacer system is a multilayered seal, that holds the two glass lites together and forms an enclosed air gap to house the argon gas fill. The spacer is designed to seal the insulated glass unit and absorb any moisture within the unit.

Argon Gas

Each of our glass units are filled with argon gas to further enhance their insulation properties. Argon, is a heavy inert gas, and much denser than oxygen. Argon gas is both colorless and odorless. When argon gas is filled into an IGU, this translates to approximately 34% lower thermal conductivity.

Glass Package Offerings

Based on the region the product is being installed, we can provide a glass package that will perform best in that location. For example, our Northern Glass Package is designed to provide enhanced thermal efficiency in northern climates. The Northern Glass Package contains a passive Low-E coating which maximizes solar heat (infrared energy) gain and visible light from the sun, while limiting harmful ultraviolet energy. This translates to homeowners relying less on internal heating to warm their homes. Our Standard Glass Package on-the-other-hand reduces both solar heat (infrared energy) and ultraviolet energy while allowing visible light to enter the home. This is ideal in warmer climates where you typically try to keep your home cooler than the outside. Both glass packages translate to significant savings annually as they reduce your energy bill for heating and cooling.

In addition to our Northern Glass Package and Standard Glass Package, we also have an impact-resistant glass package, that is used in our OceanView impact-resistant product line. Our Impact-resistant glass package provides enhanced thermal efficiency and protection against extreme weather conditions and is ideal for coastal areas and areas prone to superstorms such as hurricanes. While commonly used in storm-prone and coastal regions, our impact glass package is also used where safety and security are a concern. Due to its resilience, our OceanView line has been used in both banks and schools as well! Our OceanView glass package is comprised of multiple layers, which also provides an impressive reduction in sound transmission. Because of this, these windows can also be commonly used in noisy areas ex. near an airport, school, train, busy street.


Structural Ratings

In addition to being highly energy efficient, Viwinco products also have high structural ratings. Our products have been tested against, and have surpassed the industry standards for structural ratings, resulting in our products being used in a wide array of applications from upstate New York, to Central Florida and parts of the Mid-West. Our OceanView impact-resistant products provide some of the industry’s best performance ratings and are used throughout hurricane-prone areas and in applications where there is a high-wind presence. These products are designed to protect the building envelope from being breached in the event the windows are struck by windborne debris. These products go through stringent testing for impact, wind and water resistance and we are continually looking for ways to improve on these products to provide even safer products to respond to nature’s toughest storms.

Our sash and frames are fully welded at each corner, resulting in a stronger, more structurally sound product than one with mechanically fastened corners. Our chambered vinyl profiles contain on average, more than 5-pounds of PVC when compared to competitor products, which translates to exceptional durability and enhanced dimensional stability. Both our Cambridge and S-series product lines are built off the same platform as our OceanView impact line, which is truly a testament to how strong they are built.