Viwinco Business Model - Viwinco Windows

Viwinco Business Model

Viwinco distributors on map of east coast.

So at this point, you have:

  • Identified your project type
  • Chose a combination of windows you would like to use
  • Identified the customizable features you want to personalize your products
  • Learned about the benefits of choosing Viwinco windows
  • Found a reputable contractor to measure and install

Now that you have went over your project with your contractor and he has taken final measurements, the next step is to get a pricing quote for your products.

Where Can I Buy Viwinco Windows?

Similar to many other building material manufacturers, Viwinco conducts business through a business to business (B2B) model. This means that rather than shipping directly to a customer (B2C), we ship our products to a third-party intermediary, such as a building materials distribution site or a lumber yard. The distributor has access to our quoting software, where they can input information provided by your contractor, and provide your contractor with the quote for the window package.

This process can change slightly as some distributors may also provide installation services. To find a Viwinco distribution site, a contractor, or an installer near you, use our Where To Buy tool. Our Where To Buy tool allows you to filter between distributors, contractors and installers by clicking the “Select a Category” tab under “Filter”, and inputting the desired category.

Distributors and the Window Buying Process

The building materials distribution sites are essentially a middle-man between Viwinco and your contractor, and they play an important role in the ordering process. Distributors often have product samples and literature on site, to provide an opportunity to see the products before they are installed in your house. The sales reps at the distributor are also trained by Viwinco personnel on our company quoting software. There, they can input the product types, styles, features and measurements and provide accurate quotes for your project, in addition to an estimated lead time. One of our company priorities has always been to bring processes in house, and because of this, we have on average, some of the shortest turnaround times in the industry. Once you approve the quote, the distributor will purchase the window package from us. The order is then reviewed on our end and passed on to production.

When your order is completed, the products are packaged and shipped on our own fleet of trucks, to the distributor where your order was placed. They will then notify you upon receipt and let you know that your products are ready to be picked up. The only thing left is for your contractor to install your new windows and/or doors and for you to begin enjoying beautiful views and enhanced thermally efficient products!