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Alabama Custom Concrete Home

Bronze-finish Viwinco OceanView Impact Resistant windows installed in Alabama home.

Alabama Custom Concrete Home

This beautiful project was built by Dixon Custom Homes & Interiors, and they are based out of Gulf Shores, Alabama. After losing a home to a tornado in Oklahoma, Riji Dixon was inspired to build a safer home. He is part of a small percentage of builders in the US that builds concrete homes. The house pictured is his own personal concrete custom home. Not only is a concrete home a safer option in hurricane-prone areas; it also has other benefits such as homeowner’s insurance being cut in half and utility cost can be reduced by 35-40%. Since there is less wood involved in the building process, concrete homes are more resistant to termites, mold, and fire. The 8″ concrete walls that make up the house are rated to withstand 200 mph winds.

What we want to do is show that concrete doesn't have to be cold or ugly but yet very beautiful and very very safe for your family — Riji Dixon

This custom new construction project was built with protection in mind; they included Bronze Viwinco OceanView windows and patio doors to add to the structural integrity. A large bi-parting impact-resistant sliding door is used in the living room area overlooking the pool and deck. Smaller 2-panel patio doors are used in the bedrooms. Large impact fixed and single-hung units have been installed throughout the home. The master bathroom pictured includes two picture units with obscure glass for added privacy.

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