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Window Customization

Viwinco products are fully custom and come with a wide variety of customizable options to allow for a truly personalized look.

Viwinco offers three solid extrusions, white, tan, clay (Edgemont windows only available in white or tan) and bronze and Midnight Black exterior laminates. Our solid extrusions are created using pigmented dye during the extrusion process resulting in a uniform color throughout the entire vinyl piece.

For our exterior laminate colors, a thin film is applied to our white vinyl profiles after they are extruded. The film is comprised of multiple thin layers, resulting in robust coating that is resistant to ultraviolet light and scratches. The premium laminate used in our products is Renolit’s EXOFOL FX, and the result? Modern bold colors and a product that is designed to withstand the test of time, while providing enhanced thermal efficiency. Unlike paint, our laminate colors won’t chip, flake, fade or peel. Our laminates are also backed by a 20-year warranty, starting from the date of manufacture, which is a significant increase in comparison to the industry standard warranty on painted products of 10-years.

Viwinco white vinyl extrusion - color swatch

Solid Extrusion

Viwinco tan vinyl extrusion - color swatch

Solid Extrusion

Viwinco clay vinyl extrusion - color swatch

Solid Extrusion

Viwinco Bronze laminate - color swatch

Exterior Laminate

Viwinco midnight black laminate - color swatch

Midnight Black
Exterior Laminate

Cambridge Tilt-n-Lock

The Viwinco patented Tilt-n-Lock technology provides an unobtrusive solution to window operation, standard on Cambridge, S-Series and OceanView hung windows. The Tilt-n-Lock revolutionizes window operation on hung windows. While housing the locking mechanism in the meeting rail of the sash, the Tilt-n-Lock does away with traditional tilt latches in favor of single-handed operation through the usage of the locking mechanism.

The three locking positions are used to indicate the status of the window. At the 0-degree position, the sash is securely locked, and the tilt latches are tightly secured into the jambs. At 150-degrees, the tilt latches are still engaged in the jambs, but the sashes are unlocked allowing the sash to be lifted. At 180-degrees the hidden tilt latches are disengaged from the jambs allowing tilt-in window operation for easy maintenance.

Viwinco black SDL grids.

There are two different kinds of grids offered on Viwinco products: Internal Grids and Simulated Divided lites (SDLs).

Internal grids are sealed inside the IGU and are popular because they do not accumulate dust and make cleaning your windows easier. We offer two kinds of internal grids: Flat Internal and Deluxe Internal. Flat internal grids — as the name suggests — have flat faces and are more squared. Deluxe internal grids have a contoured shape.

Simulated divided lites adhere to the outside faces of your IGU and create the most authentic divided lites appearance of all our grids. SDL’s have a contoured shape and add a lot of character to a home. These are perfect for historic renovations. We also have a thicker 2” sdl bar that can be used in certain applications to give a desired look.

Viwinco casing windows in home.

Available on both our S-Series and OceanView (new-construction) lines, trim casing ads style and character to the exterior perimeter of your window. We offer both Flat Casing and Brick Molding as options on our new-construction window and patio doors. While our trim casing options are typically color-matched to either our solid extrusions (white, tan, or clay), or our exterior laminate colors (Midnight Black and Bronze), they can also be off colors. You can also combine a picture frame and bullnose sill as trim casing options, for a unique look.

Viwinco jamb extensions installed in home.

Jamb extensions bring additional character to your home’s design by allowing your window to fit the depth of the rough opening while offering a stylized jamb appeal. Our Factory-Applied Jamb Extensions can be color-matched with the window and are available in 4-5/8” and 6-5/8”, however, upon request, we can accommodate” on the 1/8” inch, between those two sizes.


Designed to make installation easier.

Our S-Series and OceanView new construction lines come with an Integral J-Channel to save time on exterior finishing. We also offer a Snap-in J-Channel Extender which extends the J-Channel pocket to ¾” or 1-1/4 on patio doors and 1-1/4” on windows, to accept a wider array of exterior cladding.

Our Interior Colonial Casing comes in a white finish and can be painted. It is available in 2-1/4” or 3-1/4” for our S-Series and OceanView new construction lines.

Our Pocket Filler is designed to snap into the accessory groove on our new-construction products, and cover the J-Channel pocket. Pocket filler is perfect for finishing windows installed in fiber cement, or masonry applications.

Commonly referred to as “flush fin”, Florida Flange is a fin that sits flush with the exterior of the frame that is typically used in concrete applications or block openings. The Florida Flange is attached to the wooden framework or buck, and sealed to the masonry wall. This is done to conceal the existing frame and to give a clean finished look. As the name suggests, the Florida Flange is commonly used in Florida, due to the building materials used, and common installation practices. The finished product is flat finned look. Florida Flange is available on both S-Series and OceanView products.

The sill angle is used in replacement applications where a window is being installed into an existing frame with a sloped sill, to cover up the gap caused by the sloped angle. This is done to provide a clean finished look along the sill.

The head expander is used in replacement window applications where the replacement window is slightly shorter than the existing frame. The head expander can be insulated and covers the gap between the head of the window and the frame, making installation hassle free.