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Home Window Trends 2023

Home office with Viwinco OceanView Casement and picture windows

Home Window Trends 2023

The housing industry is constantly evolving, and with it are the design trends. When it comes to design, styles can vary from year-to-year. What is popular one day, may seem dated the next. In some cases, antiquated styles reemerge as a popular design choice. With the first quarter of the year coming to a close, we wanted to reflect on the design trends we have noticed that contribute to a functional and stylish living space. Unsurprisingly, style and sustainability are at the forefront of homeowners’ design choices. 


Bold Colors and a Sense of Contrast

Mediterranean-style home with Viwinco Bronze Window

Colors and home design go hand-in-hand. They are synonymous with personalization and allow homeowners to make a statement or entirely change the mood of a space. Year-over-year, one trend that continues to gain traction is the contrast of light and dark colors. Combining light and dark colors in a living space creates a dramatic sense of balance and contrast, adding a layer of sophistication to the home’s overall design 

The rise in this trend is one that we experience firsthand through the demand for our exterior laminated products. On Viwinco’s Cambridge, S-Series and OceanView product lines, Midnight Black and Bronze exterior laminates are available for homeowners that want to add some dark bold colors to the exterior of their homes. With our laminated products, the exterior face is laminated, and the interior is white, adding a bright traditional look inside.  

In addition to adding a layer of personalization to the home, our laminated products are designed with performance and longevity in mind. In contrast to a painted product, our laminates are low-maintenance and backed by a 20-year warranty against peeling, flaking, cracking or fading, to ensure they maintain that same bold look for years to come. The laminate is comprised of a high-quality layered film designed to challenge some of nature’s harshest conditions, such as solar heat and salty air, making it a popular product, even along the coastline! 

More Glass!

Modern living space with large mulled Viwinco S-Series window units.

Blending indoor and outdoor living spaces is another design trend that has become increasingly popular in recent years. This became even more evident throughout the COVID-19 pandemic when houses doubled as offices and remote work became more commonplace. Including larger glass units, window walls and large patio doors help create a seamless transition between the interior and exterior of the home. This points to a more-biophilic lifestyle where the living space is integrated with the surrounding environment.  

Aside from a modern aesthetic, larger glass units provide several benefits to a home—one of the most prominent is increased amounts of natural lighting. Natural light has been proven to positively impact mental health and reduce the need for artificial lighting, which can be reflected as reduced energy costs. Another benefit is homeowners are able to capture the surrounding landscapes, creating a tranquil environment within the home. 

Viwinco provides a number of ways homeowners can capitalize on this trend. Large picture units—while inoperable—offer the most glass surface out of all of our window styles, allowing natural light to flood the home. Our structural mullion system enables homeowners to create unique and expansive combinations of window styles both operable and inoperable. Slider windows are another style that provide a lot of glass surface, while adding the functionality of venting the home. These windows open horizontally along a track, allowing homeowners to use large sizes without protruding out of the building envelope. Sliders are especially popular when there is a living space—such as a deck—on the other side of the wall. Another popular option is our patio doors which can range in size and are widely customizable. For our Southern markets, we also offer our 650 Multitrack Patio Door which can be upwards of 8ft tall and 16ft wide. Our 650 Door is also available in pocket door configuration, which creates a seamless flow between the inside and outside world! 

Appreciate Home History: Embracing Vintage Design 

Historic home with Cambridge Replacement windows with SDLs

In the current era of modernity, embracing vintage home design has become a popular trend. When embracing a home’s historical architecture, it has more to do with restoration than renovation. Although it may require some research and effort, this still is a viable option for homeowners. 

Identifying a home’s architectural style is one of the most important steps. Architectural styles can vary from Colonial and American Craftsman to Georgian or Victorian. Regardless, Viwinco offers a variety of products to meet the need of a historical style. This allows homeowners to embrace the historical integrity of their homes while elevating their design—and energy efficiency— to the new age of windows. 

Simulated Divided Lites—SDLs— are a popular grid option when working on a historical project. The SDLs adhere to the interior and exterior faces of the window’s glass unit to create the illusion of multiple glass lites, that would be used historically. This creates a timeless look, and allows for the benefits of our efficient glass packages. Another popular product we offer—and manufacture entirely in-house—are our geometric windows. Our geometric windows are used in all types and styles of homes, but are often found in iconic styles like Victorian homes. We can manufacture a wide variety of shapes and sizes including: circles, ovals, triangles, half rounds, trapezoids and gothic, just to name a few. 


Energy Efficiency

Modern-Coastal home with Viwinco bronze energy-efficient impact windows

As inflation soars, homeowners begin to feel the economic strain. This is causing them to look critically at their household spending to identify opportunities to cut back on spending and to be more reserved. Utility costs are one area that continues to test household finances. After seeing significant cost increases throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, utility costs continue to rise due to current economic conditions. As a result, homeowners are looking for ways to offset these costs. 

Vinyl windows have become an exceptional way for homeowners to increase energy efficiency in their homes. Our windows and doors are thermally efficient and provide some of the best insulating values compared to other alternatives on the market. Our chambered vinyl profiles adhere to the windows exceptional thermal performance while adding structural strength. When paired with our dual-paned glass package, Low-E glass lite, argon gas fill and an energyefficient spacer, our vinyl windows are truly the next generation of thermally efficient windows. We also provide a Northern Glass Package and Standard Glass Package to further improve performance by climate. The Northern package is designed to maximize solar heat gain, reducing homeowner reliance on internal heating methods (great for colder climates). The Standard glass package limits solar heat gain, reducing homeowner reliance on air conditioning (great for warmer climates). 

Looking Forward

Regardless of the 2023 home and design trend you are chasing, Viwinco has a product to meet your needs. Historically, vinyl windows and doors were seen as a “cheaper” alternative to other materials, but being priceconscious doesn’t have to sacrifice quality, performance and customization. Viwinco is known for being one of the best, high-quality options on the market. To help support the current design trends and the needs of our customers, we recently built a state-of-the-art glass facility. Using highly automated machinery, stringent quality checks built into the processes and through controlling a vast majority of the window manufacturing processes, we can continue to produce high-quality windows of the future. If you are interested in seeing some of the many applications where Viwinco products have been used, feel free to check out our project gallery section on our website.