Stainless Steel Hardware Standard on Casements and Awnings

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Stainless Steel Hardware Standard on Casements and Awnings

Most competitors offer stainless steel hardware upgrades for an additional cost. But Viwinco provides stainless steel as a standard feature which brings along an added value of approximately one hundred dollars per unit!

Casements and awnings are popular window styles for coastal homes because they offer great ventilation as well as natural light. What are the benefits of stainless-steel? Stainless steel is resistant against corrosion and holds up well along the harsh conditions of the coast where the ocean salt, sand, and wind can really wear out other hardware. If you don’t live along the coast, you can still benefit from the hardware change. Stainless steel has a high durability and offers enhanced security as well as peace of mind wherever you are located.

Viwinco Product Options in Addition to Stainless Steel Hardware

Viwinco Stainless Steel hinge on a Casement Window

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