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Viwinco Ranks Among Window & Doors Top 100


Viwinco Ranks Among Window & Doors Top 100

This past May, Window & Door released their annual Top 100 Manufacturers List for 2017. The list features 100 of the most prominent names in the window, door and skylight products industry. Viwinco is proud to announce that we have made the window & doors Top 100 Manufacturers list once again!

Reasons Why Viwinco Continues to Make Window & Doors Top 100 List

Over the past few decades Viwinco has been developing top-notch vinyl windows, that are customizable to fit any home. Window & Door’s annual Industry Pulse article published in January 2018, confirms that vinyl is continuing to dominate the market. Viwinco has been able to stay a leader in the vinyl windows industry because we believe in controlling the source as much as possible.

Controlling the source refers to our ability to manufacture and test most of our products in-house. In-house manufacturing results in shorter lead times in addition to higher quality products. We use automated manufacturing technology to maintain excellence as well as consistency in product quality. We are about to limit our need to outsource our products, in turn, we have been able to successfully scale our manufacturing to fulfill any size order all while providing a personalized experience. Viwinco believes in creating and delivering products at the highest standard while providing superior customer service.

OceanView impact-resistant window being tested in-house. An 8ft 2x4 is shot from a cannon at 50ft/s to simulate a flying projectile.

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