650 Multi-track Door: Viwinco Project Update

Viwinco windows - Multitrack patio door - North Carolina

650 Multi-track Door: Viwinco Project Update

There has been overwhelming excitement in anticipation for the release of our 650 Multi-track Door since IBS 2018. We are happy to announce that the Viwinco 650 multi-track door will be available during the 1st quarter of 2019. Upon initial release, the door will be available in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida.

We designed the Multi-track 650 Patio Door System to be structurally-sound and appealing. Boasting impressive structural integrity, high thermal efficiency, and the cleanest sight lines on the market, this massive door is guaranteed to withstand the harshest weather conditions while seamlessly blending the inside of your home with the outside.

Viwinco 650 Multitrack Patio Door Sill

650 Multi-track Door Features

The 650 Door frames and sashes are made with highly durable PVC profiles using Sunshield® Deceuninck technology, for enhanced thermal performance. Available in full frame and pocket door configurations.

  • Available with our OceanView® impact-resistant or non-impact glass packages.
  • Impact-resistant glass package: 1-1/16” IGU’s comprised of a layer of triple strength laminated glass, and a layer of triple strength tempered glass.
  • Non-impact glass package: 1” IGU’s comprised of 2 layers of triple strength tempered glass.
  • Both glass packages come standard with a thermally efficient and structurally sound spacer and an argon gas fill for strength.
  • Impressive design pressure ratings up to -/+80 (dependent on sill riser option).
  • The door’s clean sight lines provide impressive viewing angles.
Viwinco 650 Intuition Handle

The sleek Intuition® handle merges elegance and functionality. The interior handle utilizes Intuition’s One-Motion® technology for an ergonomic and effortless solution for unlocking and opening/ closing and locking the door in one fluid motion. The locking mechanism is built using stainless steel components which are highly durable rust-resistant, perfect for coastal regions.

Robust, rust-resistant, stainless-steel rollers support the door’s sashes, allowing for a smooth and quiet operation. Heavy aluminum interlocks connect the door’s panels. Despite having large panels up to 8ft high, you will be impressed to see how easily the doors operate.

Durable aluminum bumpers engage multiple panels when operating the door in multi-panel configurations. The bumpers can be installed on the home’s interior or exterior dependent on the homeowner’s preference and allow all panels to be operated simultaneously.

The door’s frame contains strong aluminum brackets to enhance the overall structural integrity. The door sashes contain aluminum hurricane clips that enhance the performance of the door during extreme weather conditions. Finally, we cover the aluminum brackets with vinyl for a finished look.

We ship all 650 Doors as knock-down assembly and they come neatly packaged with installation instructions.

650 Door Customization

Our 650 door comes with a wide variety of panel configurations with operable and fixed panel options. At launch, we will be offering configurations of up to 4 panels with 2, 3, and 4 track options. The wide range of layouts and configurations, the 650 door can fit all design needs. A Genius ZigZag accordion-styled, screen is an available option to cover the large opening, keeping insects out while allowing ventilation into the home.

Another optional feature that can be added to the 650 door is the Autoslide. Providing an affordable solution for fully automating your new patio door, the Autoslide is an addition that will enhance mobility in the home. Controllable through use of a remote, a wall mounted touchpad or the use of their newly designed mobile app, the Autoslide is a great way to automate your 650 door.

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