Viwinco Core Tenets Announcement - Viwinco Windows

Viwinco Core Tenets Announcement

Viwinco Core tenets - 2023 Glass Facility

Viwinco Core Tenets Announcement

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At the start of the year, one of our internal focuses was to launch the Viwinco Performance System to realign our focus as a company as we look toward the future. One significant piece of this was the rollout of the Viwinco core tenets. The ten core tenets reflect our focuses, behaviors and targets that are critical for our company’s continued success and for us to Be The Best. The core tenets are listed below.

  1. Employee Well-Being. Safety is the number one priority, not only physical safety, but also mental and emotional.  It is important for employees to feel safe, respected, and valued at work and have a sense of accomplishment and purpose. Treat others how you would like to be treated.  Act with ethics and integrity.
  2. Customer Focused. Your customer is whoever is impacted by the outcome of your work. Know who your customers are and constantly focus on providing the best possible service to them by using all the VPS tenants.
  3. Daily Improvement. Continuous improvement is at the heart of who we are.  Be proactive vs reactive.  Always strive to find a better way to perform the work. Find and eliminate waste daily through teamwork and innovation. Utilize structured problem-solving to identify the root cause solutions instead of band-aids.  Focus on developing and empowering employees for personal and career growth.   
  4. Defect-Free Work. Everyone is responsible for quality. Never pass on a defect or bad quality work to your customer.  When poor-quality work occurs, fixing the issue takes priority over everything but safety.  Mistakes will happen but it is important to learn from mistakes and develop plans to keep the same mistake from happening again. 
  5. Just-In-Time Production. Make sure work is sent to your customers exactly when they need it, fully complete and defect-free.     
  6. Eliminate Waste. Understand the seven types of waste: Overproduction, inventory, defects, motion, over-processing, waiting, and transportation.  Identify these items in your work and use structured problem solving to reduce and remove waste.
  7. Clean and Organized Environment. All areas should be clean and organized using 5S principles.  All areas should always be presentable to visitors.
  8. Standardize and Simplify. Simplify work by removing waste and ensuring it is consistently safe to perform. Establish the standard, document it, and verify the work meets the standard.
  9. Support the Value-Added Work. We are all here to support our ability to make windows and doors.  A constant focus should be applied to supporting the employees doing this value-added work.
  10. Sense of Urgency. A fundamental trait for successful Viwinco employees.  However, make sure to utilize the other VPS tenets when acting with a sense of urgency to avoid mistakes in the name of speed.
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Looking Ahead

The Viwinco core tenets can further be grouped into three categories of: Employee Well-Being, Customer Focus and Daily Improvement. Signage for the core tenets have been installed throughout the company, and employees are incentivized to practice the Viwinco Core Tenets by tying a component of our quarterly bonuses to them. As we progress through the year, there will be a continued focus on the Viwinco Core Tenets internally. We have already witnessed impressive buy-in from our employees and examples of the tenets in action are actively shared weekly throughout the company through our ‘wins of the week’ initiative that highlights progress, achievements and innovations throughout the week. As we continue to integrate the Viwinco Core Tenets into our operation, you as our customer, can expect to see the benefits as we improve overall!