Viwinco Recap of Glassbuild 2018 – Viwinco Windows Viwinco Recap of Glassbuild 2018 - Viwinco Windows

Viwinco Recap of Glassbuild 2018

Viwinco windows at Glassbuild America Show

Viwinco Recap of Glassbuild 2018

If you are a part of the fenestration industry, chances are you know of the many large conferences that happen around the world, if not, we will share our experience below. The Viwinco team recently traveled out to Las Vegas, Nevada to visit the National Glass Association’s Glassbuild 2018. Now in its 16th consecutive year, Glassbuild America is the largest gathering place for the glass, window and door industries in North America.

In attendance this year was approximately 400 exhibitionists showcasing the latest in window and door technology and machinery. Learn more about trends in automation for windows and doors and check out some of the innovative showcases we saw at Glassbuild America below:

Viwinco Glassbuild 2018

The Latest in Window Technology: Glassbuild 2018

Graf Synergy: SL4-FF EVO

When a window sash or frame is welded together, there is often excess residue left on the seams from the welding process. The product then goes to a detailing station where a craftsman inspects the weld and cleans up any residue that is left over. Using it’s cutting edge V-Perfect Technology, the Sl4-FF EVO 4-head Welder created by Graf Synergy Integrated Window Solutions, completely eliminates the weld bead. The resulting product appears seamlessly put together from front to back of the window profile. While eliminating the excess weld bead, you also eliminate the need for a detailing station, allowing you to allocate your manpower elsewhere. The Sl4-FF EVO works great with both interior and exterior laminates.

Tenon: TWM-T

When a glass lite is first cut from a sheet, its edges are sharp. The seaming process smooths each side and leaves a slightly beveled edge. The team at Tenon unveiled an impressive piece of machinery known as the TWM-T. The TWM-T is a fully automatic horizontal seeming solution that is capable of automatically detecting both glass size and thickness. With it’s corner cutting option and the ability to be connected to the Tenon cutting table and HWM Washer, the TWM-T is guaranteed to increase efficiency and quality.

Forel: Art. EG

The Art. EG Vertical Automatic Seaming Machine by Forel is the latest in glass seaming machinery. Utilizing dual operating heads fit with cone, diamond-coated grinding wheels, the Art. EG is capable of simultaneously seaming two glass lites at a time. The grinding wheels have a “V” shape which produces a smooth beveled edge and eliminates any sharp irregularities along the sides of the glass lite making it safe to handle.

Deceuninck at Glassbuild 2018

Located right at the heart of Glassbuild 2018 at booth #1051, was a large and impressive display belonging to Deceuninck. Deceuninck featured their latest window lines 326, 335 and 337, designed specifically for the extreme western climate while easily accommodating stucco cladding and presenting a modern design aesthetic. Deceuninck also displayed their multi-track 650 patio door equipped with the Autoslide, patio door automation system. Autoslide also showcased their brand new app which allows users to conveniently control their patio doors from their smart devices.


We also stopped by and met with the team at Renolit to view their new film repair service. Renolit is one of the leading international manufacturers of high-quality plastic films. They showcased a new method for repairing scratches in window laminate. Watch the Renolit film service video to learn how a few quick steps can have your scratched window looking new!

While it was impossible for us to visit all 400 exhibits over just 3 days, we had a great time meeting with friends new and old.