When A Community Comes Together

Viwinco windows - a community comes together - Lancaster county, Pa

When A Community Comes Together

Amish Farmhouse Receives Viwinco Windows

On the evening of December 21st, an Amish family’s home burst into flames, they lost most of their belongings and their four dogs. The community came together and worked through the night to remove personal items that were salvageable, tear down the home, and complete excavation work.

It turned out that the homeowner affected by the fire is the brother of one of our customers. Our customer called President David Barnes and asked for a favor. He needed to get windows for an entire house for the following day. David responded and worked with manufacturing to make sure we could provide the windows and ship them the next morning. They pulled it off!

We are glad that we could help out during this family’s devastating ordeal. Nothing will ever replace what they have lost but they will never forget what their loved ones and their community have done for them. It feels good to know that there are still family-owned businesses where you can call and ask for a favor.  We hope that this family of five is now settled in and enjoying their home. To find a distributor or a contractor near you please visit Where to Buy on our website.